Sales Enablement Platforms

Prezentor sets the higher standard

Sales Enablement Platforms

There are many interesting and helpful digital Sales Enablement tools and platforms in the market. There are several who help to gather the insight of it all and also assist in grouping the tools for their purposes, and making reviews available.

For tools dealing with the customer interaction and the sales conversation, we have chosen to focus on Prezentor. Both because we believe that Prezentor – for the essential sales conversation part – does a better job than we have seen elsewhere, and also because we know it by heart, and know how to bring the customer forward and making a success. As Morten Junge was the Founder of Prezentor, there is some logic to that.

We look carefully at other Sales Enablement tools adding other types of value beyond the Sales Conversation, yet Prezentor is the core platform. It is like choosing to be a Salesforce specialist – going with one strong platform – and choosing tools linking well with that platform.

A Certified Solution Partner of Prezentor

Let’sChangeSales is a Certified Partner of Prezentor.

Prezentor - a short intro video

A free inspiration-session is the perfect start

At Let’s Change Sales we offer you the possibility for an “inspirational tour”. Depending on your situation and your location we will do it online or onsite. The idea is to make sure you actually know what is possible – which gains you can have – before moving into the software itself. Contact us for a free online inspirational tour, and let us know when it would fit you the best.

Try or Buy Prezentor

On Prezentor’s website, you will always find the actual prices and tiers – from Free to Expert.