Changemakers in Sales

When Status Quo is no option


Let’s Change Sales has been initiated by Morten Junge. Morten has unique experience from leading positions within sales and marketing: Sales Director at Oticon, a world leader within hearing care. Partner at Kunde & Co., a unique brand/marketing agency. Inclusive Marketing as CEO and Founder.

Getting tired of seeing Sales Consultants present boring linear power points and becoming frustrated with the clear lack of collaboration between Marketing and Sales, change was needed:

The idea of Prezentor was to take Sales to the next level: Enabling the Sales Consultants to conduct even better sales conversations, and to allow for more customer facing time by reducing admin tasks.

Attractive clients joined, the Sales Enablement industry emerged, and investors were invited in to help scale the platform into a global SaaS business. 

Let’s Change Sales is there to engage with customers going digital, making tailormade solution with them – typically on the Prezentor platform – and helping them succeed. 

Join the ecosystem

Let’s Change Sales is a network of like-minded people loving to “make change happen”. An ecosystem of people and companies engaged in changing sales by going digital.

Maybe we share passion and mindset and maybe we can help customers together? 

Then it is simple. Let’s talk. And then Let’s Change Sales together.