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Make it relevant

Concepts from thought leaders
Experience from Business leaders
Best practice GG

Vision and plans

Make it essential

See the potential
Create the vision
Make the plan

Co-creating of tools

Make it happen

Sales & marketing workshops
Storytelling and content mapping
Content co-creation and delivery


Make it stick

Launch and monitoring
Learning and adapting

Running projects together

Vision, team and plan

Sales & Marketing management creates the vision for how Sales Enablement can substantially add value to the business 

The team is set to take the lead for making it happen.

The overall step by step plan is made.

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Proof of Concept

The outline for an interactive presentation supporting a value-based conversation is made.
The content developed.
Training done.
Weekly monitoring takes place. 

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Launch - unit by unit

Based on the outcome from the Proof of Concept a plan is made for how to move the concept forward – unit by unit.

Each is done as thorough and serious as the first one.

Change happens best with involvement. 

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Learn & adapt

On-going “Learn & Adapt” is key in the approach.

There will be a lot of deep data to learn from.

Interviews of customers and sales consultants are very important as well

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Is it only relevant for large companies?

Whether you are 10 or 500, every sales conversation, every customer interaction counts.
Can you ensure that each sales consultant do 5% better, then you are probably happy.
Sales Enablement and digital technology is relevant to most companies.
For smaller teams, the penetration is naturally normally faster.
For larger teams, a step-by-step approach has shown most successful.
We have extensive experience with companies having from 5 to 700 within Sales.