Sales Enablement: Sales strategy comes first – or does it?


The core of Sales Enablement is about bringing your sales strategy to success. Many companies have excellent sales strategies but poor execution. Sales Enablement is about execution – enabling it to happen. Sales Enablement is now much more important as digitalization offers a high degree of transparency, and with transparency comes the ability to learn and take corrective actions.


“I genuinely believe that Strategy comes first. Then structure and people.  Then technology. But what if technology can make you realize, that you can “Disrupt yourself” by using technology?”

– Morten Junge

Sales Enablement:

Is Sales Enablement a new thing? No. There is nothing new in it as such. Companies have always tried to make their best to support their sales organization with what they need to succeed. Sales Consultants are trained in how to sell – perhaps using a distinct sales method and a defined sales process. A CRM system to keep track of the pipeline, sales content to help them win the client, and coaching from the Sales Leader.

The reason Sales Enablement is “awakening” now is that digitalization enables both the buyer and the seller to work in totally new ways – both before interacting with one another, during the buying process until decisions are made, and post-decision when adaption of the new product or service becomes important.

Sales Enablement Technology is the mean – and if done right – a fantastic mean for transformation:

  • How your Sales Consultants interact with buyers.
  • How you lead your sales team.
  • How you collaborate internally between e.g. Marketing and Sales.
  • How to support great habits, create new routines, and learn from best practice.
  • How to create transparency – also getting to know what happens in customer meetings.
  • How to reduce admin work for Seller.
  • How to engage with insight – and how to create insights.

Sales Enablement Technology is not Sales Enablement, but it is the new “kid on the block” that makes it relevant and interesting to relook at Sales Enablement with new glasses: It can facilitate Sales Leadership, Sales Excellence, Departmental collaboration, Processes and Content to be changed – improved – transformed.

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