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go digital in Sales

Sales Enablement. Tailormade. Successfully.

Buyers have gone digital. Sales is behind.

Sales has not yet reaped the benefits of going digital. Sales could and should. There is so much to gain. We are here to inspire you and to help you do it right.

the Sales conversation

Drop boring power points
Rethink presentations
Use interactivity

your Sales Consultants

Sell value and solutions
Simplify preparation & follow up
Always be ready

your Sales team

Align to your sales method
Discover best practise
On board colleagues fast

Get Sales &
Marketing in sync

Co-create the content
Ensure brand compliance
Always up-to-date

We help you with a tailormade solution on the Prezentor platform

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Imagine if... what could the impact be?

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Qualify smarter

The lead can use a “Cost saving calculator” on your website, and is offered to receive the results and a best practice survey. You track the actions. A prospect is born.

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Prepare better

The prospect and you agree on an agenda for a meeting. You send a one-pager survey to fill in. You use it to prepare an even better meeting. 

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Excellent conversation

The conversation is facilitated by interactive slides about the challenges the prospect encounter, and with a flow to relevant discussion points and solutions.

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Optimal follow up

Right after the meeting you easily send the relevant slides – pre-selected for you – and get notifications about which content the prospect looks at.

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Close faster

After going through the best possible solution, you make a business case (ROI, Payback time) with the customer. Are you aligned and ready to close?

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Cross / Up sell

You always have specific slides available facilitating cross and up-sell. They include calculators showing the business impact of strengthening the cooperation.

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